How to Order :)

So this is how it works to order a commissioned painting from me

1) You e-mail me with the code of the painting/s you would like to order

I reply with a Quote.

If you like a certain painting but would prefer a different size or colour that is also possible to do. Just tell me what you want and I will make it for you.

“you can basicly design your own painting that suites your own needs”

2) I ask a 50% deposit for a commissioned painting, the outstanding amount is due on pick up/delivery. As soon as I receive the proof of payment via s.m.s form my bank if doing a EFT(internet transfer) or if I have the cash in hand for the deposit I order your canvases and you enter into my “Que”.

3)  My lead time is  plus-minus 2-3 weeks to finish a painting.

I cannot do a “complete exact copy” of a painting. What I can do is something similar and as close as possible to the photos. You see I paint of by heart so the best I can do is have the photos in front of me as a reference and the rest comes as I work. I think that this is a good thing because it means that every person has their own personalized painting :)

 Should you want to go forward with the commission my contact details are as follows:

Contact number:082 924 0059

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